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Lock timeouts have which of the following advantages?

  • Q. Lock timeouts have which of the following advantages?
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    Answer is : D
    In lock timeout method, unnecessary rollbacks do not occur, transactions do not starve and it is also easy to implement and is hence widely used if transactions are short and long waits are likely to be due to deadlocks.


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  • 1.

    Which of the following is/are not true about the IP based router functionality

    1. It is necessary for a router to implement either RIP or OSPF routing algorithm 

    2. A router reassembles the IP packet in some special scenarios. 

  • filter_dramaExplanation
    Answer is : C

    Statement 1:  False.

    • A router need not necessarily implement any (RIP or OSPF) routing protocol .
    • If no routing protocol is specified for a router, default routing with address is implemented.

    Statement 2:  False

    • Re-assembly of IP fragments into a single IP packet is done only at the receiver site.

    Therefore both statement are not true

  • 2. In a relational database, a referential integrity constraint can be specified with the help of:
  • filter_dramaExplanation
    Answer is : B

    Concept :

    • In a relational database, a referential integrity constraint is specified between two tables with the help of a foreign key.
    • In the Referential integrity constraints, if a foreign key in Table 1 refers to the primary Key of Table 2, then every value of the Foreign Key in Table 1 must be null or be available in Table 2.
    • Hence the correct answer is Option 2

    Important Points

    The attribute of X is referring to the attribute of Y:

    If a row is deleted from X, no violation, since X is a referring relation and hence no violation

    But if a row is inserted into X, since X is referring to Y, X may contain value outside the domain of the primary key of Y.

    If a row is inserted into Y, no violation, since Y is not referring to any other table and hence no violation

    But if a row is deleted from Y, since Y is being referred by X, the referred value may be deleted which leads to the violation.

    Hence Insert into Y and Delete from X doesn’t cause violation but insert into X causes violation.

  • 3. Which data mining technique is used to obtain relevant information about data.
  • filter_dramaExplanation
    Answer is : C

    Classification: It is a method to describe the data class and used to obtain relevant information about data or metadata. It distinguishes data classes and concepts.

    Prediction: Prediction technique predicts a future event with the help of already existing methods such as clustering, classification.

    Clustering: Clustering means to divide information into clusters. Data is divided into groups or clusters which helps in identifying the similarities or differences between data.

    Regression: Regression technique observes the data and predicts a number or might be used to predict cost of product. 

  • 4. An active hub is __________.
  • filter_dramaExplanation
    Answer is : C

    An active hub is a multiport repeater. It is normally used to create connections between stations in a physical star topology.

    Hubs can also be used to create multiple levels of hierarchy. The hierarchical use of hubs removes the length limitation of 10Base-T (100 m).

  • 5.

    To copy a file from server to host reliably which of the following protocols can be used?

    I. SNMP

    II. TFTP

    III. FTP

    IV. HTTP

    V. DNS
  • filter_dramaExplanation
    Answer is : C

    TFTP, FTP and HTTP can be used to copy file but TFTP (Trivial file transfer protocol) uses UDP at transport layer, hence its not reliable

    FTP and HTTP uses TCP hence reliable.

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