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Which of the following statements is FALSE?

  • Q. Which of the following statements is FALSE?
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    Answer is : A

    Option 1) A database relation can have more than one primary key, is a false statement.


    Every relation has at least one candidate key, because at least the combination of all its attributes has the uniqueness property. In the case of base relations (relations of a base table), one candidate key is designated as the primary key and the remaining candidate keys are called alternate keys.

    Key Points

    •  A database relation can have both primary key and secondary key.
    • A foreign key is an attribute or attribute combination of one relation(table) whose values are required to match those of the primary key of some other relation(table).
    • Also, the foreign key and the primary key should be defined on the same underlying domain.
    • A database relation can have more than one foreign key.
    • A candidate key is an attribute that can uniquely identify a row in a table.


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  • 1. Which of the following is a collection of point to point links that form a round?
  • filter_dramaExplanation
    Answer is : C

    The correct option is (3)


    Ring topology:- A ring network is a network topology in which each node connects to exactly two other nodes, forming a single continuous pathway for signals through each node. This type of topology is highly efficient and handles heavier loads better than bus topology.

    Key Points

    • A ring is a collection of point-to-point links that may form a circle.
    • Point-to-point topology is any network that connects two hosts in a dedicated fashion.
    •  In a point-to-point link, both the transmit and receive operation can occur over separate wires.
    • The most prominent example of point-to-point communication is a simple telephone call, where one phone is connected with another, and both nodes can send and receive audio.
    • Point-to-point internet connection is a wireless method of connecting to the internet over large areas without the need for extensive cabling.

    Additional InformationWAN topology:- A wide area network topology describes the layout of network components and connections on a given WAN. WAN topology using the star network configuration requires a central hub.

    MAN configuration:- A Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) is a network that connects two or more computers, communicating devices or networks in a single network that has a geographic area larger than that covered by even a large 'LAN' but smaller than the region covered by a 'WAN'.

    LAN configuration:- A local area network is a series of devices that are linked together in one physical location, like a house, office, or school. Home WiFi networks and small business networks are common examples of LANs.


  • 2. If a transaction has obtained a __________ lock, it can read but cannot write on the item
  • filter_dramaExplanation
    Answer is : A
    If a transaction Ti has obtained a shared-mode lock (denoted by S) on item Q, then Ti can read, but cannot write, Q.
  • 3.

    The subdivision of data link layer into two sub-layers: logical link control (LLC) and media access control (MAC) has been done by which of the following standard?

  • filter_dramaExplanation
    Answer is : C

    The correct answer is IEEE.


    IEEE: The world's largest technical organization. IEEE stands for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

    Logical link layer(LLC) - This sub-layer describes under IEEE 802.2 standard, and its function is to identify network layer protocol.

    Media access control(MAC) - This sub-layer describes under IEEE 802.3 standard, this sub-layer tells us how the devices acquire the channel and transmit the data.

    ANSI: Stands for American national standards institute.

    ITU:  Stands for the International telecommunication union which manages things related to information and communication technology.

    PARC: Palo Alto Research Center is a research and development company.

  • 4. A transaction is made to wait until all ________ locks held on the item are released
  • filter_dramaExplanation
    Answer is : A
    A transaction is made to wait until all compatible locks held on the item are released. This ensures that no other transaction is concurrently accessing the same item.
  • 5. ______ clause allows sorting of query results by one or more columns.
  • filter_dramaExplanation
    Answer is : D

    DISTINCT statement is used to return only distinct (different) values.For Ex:

    SELECT DISTINCT column1, column2, ...
    FROM table_name;


    ALL operator returns true if all of the subquery values meet the condition. For Ex:

    SELECT column_name(s)
    FROM table_name
    WHERE column_name operator ALL
    (SELECT column_name FROM table_name WHERE condition);


    The WHERE clause is used to extract only those records that fulfill a specified condition.

    For ex: SELECT column_name FROM table_name WHERE condition


    he ORDER BY keyword is used to sort the result-set in ascending or descending order.For Ex:

    SELECT column1, column2, ...
    FROM table_name
    ORDER BY column1, column2, ... ASC|DESC;


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